Tyrant HearT, the songwriter

Your mind is your weapon! Once Friedrich von Schiller said: "The most worthful thing the man can give the man is the truth!"

Another philosopher, Imanuel Kant, said: "Take carriage to trust in your own mind!"

And I say to you: "Don't trust in the West, they lie much more than the rest!"

What I mean is, we all live with the evil five: IWF, WTO, FED, CIA and NATO. Nearly all wars and revolts within the last decades were a result of their actions. Their plans and their thinking are old, but today most of us don't realise their really hate about democracy and their strong willness to dictate us our future without any law.

I don't agree with them and I hope you can follow me. Start asking for the reasons of the status quo of this world. And then start to trust in your own thinking!

I started my own songwriting in an acoustic genre. But in this field I missed the powerful sound of distortion to underline my lyrics. That was the reason why I went to Hardrock/Metal to create my own sight of a musical art that could be a weapon against a criminal reign. The only forces we have to accept are the natural forces. Against all others, made by corrupt polititions, we may fight!

Radio stations and music magazines may request me for free copy and performance of my wav-master-tracks, I will deliver via postal service.

My mp3-tracks you will find under the EP menu buttons above.

Tyrant HearT, the uniband

The band I am!

In this band I'm the single musician.

I play all guitars, bass and perform all singing. Furthermore all songwriting, drums arrangement and finaly all digital recordings, mixing and mastering I do by my self. All works for the cover design are in my hands.

These give me the freedom to do, what I want to do: Combine critical lyrics with a heavy sound.